Manufacturing Facility

Design Department:

Designing is a critical part of the any product development cycle. Our expert design team are focused in providing cutting-edge high-performance designs through which we have brought revolution in concrete product machines.

We Use latest & Advance Machine design software with comprehensive analyses – of all Machine parts. We have in hose Design and R&D Department. We provide customized mould designs for different concrete products as per customer requirement.

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Mould Manufacturing:

The success and precision of a product depends on the quality of its mold, but building a reliable, long-lasting mold requires Good design & engineering and requires a great deal of accuracy. At REVOMAC we are committed to the quality and finishing of the products manufactured from our machines and we understand the role mold plays to get a quality output.

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We have a team of skilled fabricators which helps us manufacture good finished products. We are using best quality ARC welding & MIG Welding CNC Plasma cutting machine

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REVOMAC Machines are manufactured and critical parts are assembled by a highly trained and reliable team which ensures a trouble-free machine operation for our clients.

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We understand that proper testing increases the performance, accuracy and efficiency of a machine. At REVOMAC Industries every machine goes through a through testing phase for Hydraulic system, Control Panel, Sensors, Vibration, Mixer, all types of motors & Gear box, Product Mould (Steel) – before Machine are dispatched to our client.

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We ensure sturdy and reliable packaging which ensures that machine is not damaged during transport, handling and reaches the client in best condition. All Export containers are compulsory fumigated from our end.

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We are well connected to transportation handlers for a timely and reliable dispatch for our clients.

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